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Descubre el patrimonio Natural y Cultural de Asturias de la mano de un Guía Oficial de Turismo

Hayedo en primavera, Parque Natural de Somiedo


Woods are another of the highlights in the Natural Park of Somiedo. We are in a region where the Atlantic world and the Mediterranean one are close together so we can admire beech forests, oak forests, mixed forests, chestnut forests but also evergreen oak forests, typical for the Mediterranean areas. You can see all these forests and the plants that accompany them so the richness and biodiversity of Flora is incredible.

On this route you could interpret and recognize the flora in the Somiedo Natural Park with special interest in the different types of forests and their shrub successions.





Amount: Adults: €30 / pax
Minimum Group: 4 people. Ask price for fewer people or large groups
Duration: Half day / Full Day.
Slope: 300m.
Difficulty: Medium
Station: Spring - Summer - Autum
Meeting point: Camping Lagos de Somiedo

LINEAR ROUTE: with departure and arrival at the same place. Possibility of arrival at a different place.