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Oso Pardo Cantábrico


Somiedo is one of the most important areas for bears. We have one of the last populations of Cantabrian Brown Bears in our mountains.

Actually the total population of this bear is more than 250 but it is divided in two populations a eastern one around 50 animals and a western one with more or less 200. Both are separated by the railway and the high way in the middle of Asturias although some males of bears crosses to one side to another above the tunnels and mixed genetically with other congeners what is a very good news for the future.

Every year we have females with cubs in Somiedo and surroundings, so the population is increasing year after year since the 80s when they were almost extinct and were declared in dangerous of extinction.

Apart from bears we have all the typical fauna from the Atlantic mountain world:
- Mammals: Wolf,chamois, roe deer, red deer, fox, wild boar, wild cat, ermine, marten, otter,etc.
- Birds: Golden eagle, short toed eagle, buzzard, griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, yellow and red chough, wall creeper, yellowhammer, buntings, woodpeckers, etc.
- Amphibians and reptiles: Common lizard, Iberian rock lizard, Iberian rock lizard, Common frog, San Antonio frog, Seoane viper, etc.
- Butterflies: Apollo, Cleopatra, Fritillary, Moroccan orange Tip, Blues, Black-veined White, Swallowtail, Small White, etc.



Amount: Adults: €50 / pax - Children: €25 / pax
Minimum Group: 2 pax. Ask price for fewer people or large groups
Duration: Full day.
Slope: 300m.
Difficulty: early, cold, steep slopes.
Station: summer, spring
Meeting point:  Camping Lagos de Somiedo.
Written information and loan of optical material is included.

LINEAR ROUTE: with departure and arrival at the same place. Possibility of arrival at a different place.


sighting not guaranteed